Published on Saturday, 27 February 2021 21:50
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Primary School Of Ancient Olympia(Greece)-Primary School of Marim(Portugal)


Our school, for the current school year 2020-2021, has received an invitation and participates in the Olympic Education program organized by the Marim Primary School of Portugal under the auspices of the National Olympic Academy of Portugal. As part of this program, the activities are varied, with the most important being the games called XII Jogos de Quelfes, which look like a small student Olympiad. 

Our school will take part in this event with some activities. The first activity is the "School of Olympic Values". Our school takes part by sending a video in which the children of the 5th grade participate and in their own words explain what friendship is for them. The students were assisted by the teachers Mrs. Zafiropoulou Gogo (Class teacher) and Mrs. Athena Tzourmeti (English Language).

School of Olympic Values

The next participation is in the activity "Drawing Collection" where the children of the 3rd grade will make paintings based on the story "The Arraúl´s Odyssey" with the help of their teacher Mrs. Angeliki Athanasopoulou and will send a short video with a construction of Gods’residence. 

Paintings -Arraúl´s Odyssey

Finally, the students of 6thgrade will participate in the activity "Inspiring stories Collection" writing about the ability of sports to transmit fundamental world values. In their effort, their assistant is their teacher Mr. Giannis Verras-Tserdilos.

Inspiring stories Collection

Based on real facts or imagination, the pupils  must contain mora values and highlight sport as a conveyor belt of universal fundamental values ​​and human rights:

1.  Two years ago I participated in track and field games in Pyrgos. Everyone there competed with athletes of their own level, in order to have fair competition in the race for the first place. When I was about to start my race I felt a little anxious. However, with the guidance of my coach and my self-confidence, I finished third. Fortunately, everyone was striving for a fair victory, so no one stole.

2.  I remember that a great marathon took place in Ancient Olympia last spring , in which many children would take part. Among them was Angelos and me. Throughout the marathon we went together and when the one of us was tired, the other helped him and gave him courage. These resulted in us achieving better places and showing everyone the solidarity that the contestants must have in a race.

3.  Some years ago I was watching a sports show on TV when something happened that I had never seen before. One of the sports of this show was track racing. Suddenly I saw a girl who was leading the race, stopping in the middle of the race, in order to help one of the last athletes who was in bad shape. This is an event I will never forget.

4.  One day on my way back from school I found myself in front of a bicycle race and stayed to watch it. In the middle of the race I noticed an act of noble starch. A cyclist fell off his bike and was injured. Some overtook him, but one of the athletes stopped and helped him because the doctor was far away. He got off his bike and tried to help him stand on his feet. When the doctor came, he took care of him and when he finished the two cyclists continued their race. They may have lost but this is nothing compared to this act of kindness we all watched.

5.  In 2019, in the marathon of Ancient Olympia, after running the first 1.5 km, I found a friend and co-athlete named Giannis who lives in Krestena. He was very tired compared to me that I was full energetic. Finally I helped him and we finished together.

6.  Three years ago I participated in a race of two sports. This marathon was 2 kilometers of running and 2 kilometers of cycling. As I was riding my bike, all of a sudden I fell down. Some kids helped me get up and move on. At the end of the race I met them and they told me that they finished in first places. I thanked and congratulated them. This experience made me believe that we should help our fellow athletes but also respect them.

7.  In 2016 I ran in  a marathon, but I was not very well prepared psychologically, due to my worries about not having done the right training. The beginning of the race was in front of the town hall, at 10 o’clock in the morning and we had to run a distance of 4 kilometers. In the beginning, as always, I did my best and towards the end I got tired and I was losing my strength. As soon as I passed the train station my fatigue had reached its limits and my heart was beating faster. However, I did not give up and continued to run, finishing 21st. From this experience I can keep the effort that I made and the will to finish and I think that in the end we can all overcome ourselves and our limits as long as we do not give up the effort.